Archives: August 2012

The Long Journey to Equilibrium

Christopher M. Treanor, President of Preferred Concepts, discusses the evolution of the P&C insurance market and factors that influence market cycles. Excerpt:

“While today’s market cycles are shorter and less dramatic, there are always unknowns that will influence market efficiency.” Read More.

The New Normal: The P/C Insurance Market Finds Its Balance

Christopher M. Treanor opines on the state of the insurance market in Risk Management Magazine.

Excerpt: “The long-anticipated insurance market turn appears to be upon us. After a seven-year slide in rates in almost all environments, premium pricing began rising in the third quarter of 2011 and has continued to increase through the first half of 2012. As a result, many industry prognosticators say that current price firming heralds the coming of a hard market.

They are wrong.”  Read More.

Robert Lynch Joins Preferred Concepts as Senior Property Underwriter

New York, NY (August 1­, 2012) – Preferred Concepts, LLC,, a leading program underwriter and specialty insurance broker, announced today that Robert Lynch has joined the Preferred Underwriting division as Senior Vice President and Senior Property Underwriter.  Read More.

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