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Policy terms and conditions with respect to claims reporting may vary.  Often claims must be reported in writing as soon as practical or as soon as possible.  Many policies also require insureds to report an incident that could give rise to a claim.

Diligent claims reporting helps to protect the insured’s interests and also helps avoid potentially litigious situations.  As a best practice, the insured should report a claim in accordance with the terms of the policy.  If we have placed the coverage, you may additionally report the claim to us.

Reported claims should be followed by a written acknowledgment.  If the acknowledgment is not received, you must follow up to ensure that the claim has been recognized.  Coverage could be jeopardized if the claim is not acknowledged. Verbal claim reporting is not an acceptable practice.

If you have specific questions concerning claims on policies issued through us contact Robert Kohn, our Director of Risk Management Services, at

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