Excess Flood

Excess Flood

Our comprehensive Excess Flood Program has your most challenging commercial and residential property needs in mind.



  • $10 MM per occurrence / aggregate over all interests


  • Any commercial or residential property other than as excluded
  • Building: structure permanently fixed to its foundation
  • Contents: household or business contents
  • Loss of income: net business income and rental values based on 12 month exposure, payable evenly once every 12 months

Minimum Excess Point

  • Maximum limit available under the NFIP for both buildings and contents whether purchased or not (PD)
  • Loss of income (all zones)
  • 30 days subject to a minimum of $50 K annual (TE)


This flood program may also include earthquake coverage


  • $10 MM per occurrence /aggregate over
    all interests


  • $25 K minimum on any one occurrence


  • Coverage cannot be written on a stand alone basis without the above Flood Program
  • Coverage cannot be written in Alaska, New Madrid Zones 2 through 5, California, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, USVI, Oregon, Guam, Washington

Excluded Classes

  • Basements – all contents
  • Properties built on stilts over water
  • Properties located on communities designated as undeveloped Coast Barrier under the Coastal Barriers Resources Act or the Coastal Barrier Improvement Act
  • Medical Equipment
  • Foodstuffs and/or perishable goods of any kind
  • Loss of income and/or contents coverage without the inclusion of building coverage
  • Properties with negative elevation

Any properties located:

  • South of Interstate 10 in Louisiana
  • Fire Island, New York
  • Chesterfield Flats, Missouri

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