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Perhaps not.  We bet you crave the same things we do – like cake, chocolate and bacon.

But when you get a hankering for restaurant solutions, we’ve got a delicious dish for you:  ezumbrella.com. We offer umbrella liability policies with limits up to $25 million.  Fireman’s Fund, an A+ XV rated carrier, leads the coverage tower, with Liberty Insurance Underwriter’s, an A.M. Best A XV rated carrier, following with higher limit options.  We offer you competitive pricing, broad coverage, and the convenience of an online platform – all of which is brought to you by our responsive ezumbrella.com team.
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Target Classes:

  • Family Owned Restaurants
  • Fine Dining Establishments
  • Independent Restaurants
  • Office Cafeterias
  • Private Dining Clubs
  • Luncheonettes
  • Delis

You can view a full listing of all eligible industry codes here. 

Coverage designed to accommodate:

  • Up to 30 locations
  • Up to 30 vehicles
  • Up to 35% liquor sales

(40% for Fine Dining)

  • Nationwide availability

Underwriting Guidelines:

  • All cooking facilities must adhere to NFPA Guidelines, and all cooking facilities must have hood and duct fire extinguishing systems.
  • Coverage not designed for disco, night club, comedy club, or sports bar exposure.
If your risk falls outside these guidelines, please call us and we will refer you to Preferred Brokerage, who may be able to help!

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