ID’s and Passwords

  • How do I obtain a User ID and Password?

  • What if I’ve forgotten my User ID and password?

About System Use:

  • How do I know if my risk is eligible for ezumbrella.com?

    • ezumbrella.com writes nearly 1,000 industry codes.  Check out a full list of eligibility here.
  • How do I start a submission?

    • To gain access to ezumbrella, you must register with Preferred Concepts. Registration is quick, free and easy. Once you register, you will receive a login ID.
  • What happens if my account is declined?

    • If you are notified that your account has been declined it means that the risk did not qualify for the ezumbrella.com program. But don’t despair! Preferred offers a wide variety of solutions and may still be able to help you place this account. Contact us at 866-308-8555 to discuss additional options for your risk.
  • What happens if my account is referred?

    • If you are referred, it means that an underwriter is manually reviewing your risk.  They’ll contact you shortly.
  • How do I bind coverage?

    • Binding coverage is as simple as clicking a button. Once you have reviewed your proposal, simply select the “Begin Binding” button, choose the option you want to bind, and then click “Request to Bind.”
  • How do I print my policy documents?

    • Your account documents may be printed from the account’s Attachment folder. There you will find all of your account documents to print or download.

About the Program

  • Who writes the ezumbrella.com policy?

    • National Surety Corporation (Fireman’s Fund) and Liberty Insurance Underwriters
  • Is there a rating requirement for underlying carriers?

    • Yes. Underlying carriers must be rated A-VI or better. Employer’s Liability carriers must be rated B V or better. For additional information concerning underlying requirements, view our Underlying Guidelines Summary
  • Do the umbrella liability date and the general liability date need to coincide?

    • No, ezumbrella.com can provide mid-term or short-term coverage.
  • What coverage limits are available?

    • $1 Million, $2 Million, $5 Million, $10 Million, and $25 Million.
  • Can I bind more than one limit?

    • You may bind one limit per application.
  • How do I know if my risk is eligible?

    • ezumbrella.com writes nearly 1,000 industry codes.  Check out a full list of eligibility here.

System Requirements

  • What are the minimum system requirements?

    • 1 GHz processor, either 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
    • 1 GB of RAM
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista operating system
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (no longer supported by Microsoft)
    • Adobe Flash Player or later (no longer supported by Abode)
    • Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (1280 x 1024 pixels recommended)
    • Web browser Cache Settings set to automatically check for newer versions of stored pages


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