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IRF Administrators

What Is IRF Administrators

IRF Administrators (Integrated Risk Facilities Administrators) handles all the behind the scenes administration for the risk purchasing groups of Preferred Concepts, including:

  • Billing, premium payment and associated tasks
  • Registration and other risk purchase group compliance

Our Risk Purchasing Groups

Preferred has established Risk Purchasing Groups (RPG’s) for several of our program offerings, listed below.

These following are RPG”s in conjunction with ezumbrella.com:

  • IRF Real Estate Operations Group, Inc.
  • IRF Hospitality Group, Inc.
  • IRF Retail Group
  • IRF Wholesale Group
  • IRF Service Group
  • IRF Manufacturing Group, Inc.
  • IRF Restaurant Group
  • IRF Construction Group

We also have RPG’s for our Umbrella and General Liability Programs through Integrated Risk Facilities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding IRF administrators or any of our Risk Purchasing Groups, call us at 212.608.9400.

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