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Preferred’s 25th Anniversary Charity Day!


When a bunch of insurance people get together under one roof, they’re usually not the ones helping to build it.  While you can certainly count on them to make sure all building requirements are according to code—is the home properly insulated, for example, or are the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in compliance with local ordinances?—they usually leave the general contracting to, well, the general contractors.

It isn’t often that insurance people trade insurance underwriting for tiling and sheet rocking, but on October 30th of 2014, we did just that.  To commemorate our milestone 25th anniversary, Preferred Concepts joined forces with Chubb Group of Insurance Companies to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity.

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For our anniversary, we wanted to celebrate the community that has been a home to us for 25 years, and help those who are still suffering from the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.  With the help of Habitat for Humanity, we were able to put our insurance expertise to work by tiling, painting, and sheet rocking.

Together we helped restore three homes on Staten Island, each of which had experienced major flooding from Hurricane Sandy.  One of the homeowners described to us the debilitating fear she experienced when she first saw the torrent of water approaching her home.  Two years later, she finally has her basement back, and her children have a comfortable place to play.

We would like to thank Habitat for Humanity for the wonderful experience, as well as Chubb, a partner with Preferred for over 14 years, for joining us on our anniversary charity day.  It turns out at least a couple of us aren’t too bad at building homes.  Although, we might just stick to insurance for now…


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