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Preferred Concepts offers you a wide array of insurance solutions designed for real estate risks.  We’ve got proprietary programs and specialty brokerage that are flexible enough to address all types of properties, from standalone habitational units to large schedules of mixed-use properties and everything in between.

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Target Classes:  Commercial, Habitational, Hospitality and Multi-Use Schedules

Commercial Habitational Hospitality
Office Buildings Condos Hotels
Retail Coops Motels
Shopping Centers HOA’s Limited Service
Enclosed Malls Apartments Full Services
Shopping Malls Garden Apartments
Light Industrial

Program Underwriting from Preferred Underwriting

High Limit Umbrella Liability Program

  • Limits up to $300 MM, A++ lead carrier, and mold / fungus coverage available up to $275 Million.

Property Program

  • Limits of $100 Million TIV or more (single location), $500 Million TIV or more (combined locations), A+ XV admitted paper, CAT available as part of the schedule.
General Liability Program

  • Limits of $1 Million / $2 Million (per location) / $1 Million, A++ XV admitted carrier, first-dollar guaranteed cost program with no shared limits and per location aggregates.

Package Program

  • Limits of $100 Million TIV or more (single location), $200 Million TIV or more (combined locations), A and A rated carriers

Online Ease from 

  • Quote bind and issue up to $25 Million of A++ XV rated umbrella liability insurance through convenient on-line platform with handy features such as quick premium estimates and shortened applications.

Specialty Brokerage Services

Preferred Brokerage:

  • Property & Casualty expertise, including habitational, CAT-exposed  locations, accounts with claims frequency and severity and financially distressed exposures.

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