Winter Storm Nemo

Winter Storm Nemo

As Winter Storm Nemo moves towards the U.S. northeast coast, it is extremely important for commercial real estate owners to protect their property against the devastating impact of large amounts of snow fall and high winds.

The storm is expected to reach Friday 2/8/13 into 2/9/13. Meteorologists predict that the storm may produce heavy amounts of snow, high winds, and possible coastal flooding. Certain areas may expect fallen trees and power outages.  Whiteout conditions are possible in some areas due to the combination of high winds and heavy snow.

Storm Claims

Should you experience a claim from Winter Storm Nemo, please refer to claims reporting instructions:

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Preparing for Winter Storm Emergencies

  • Review your emergency and contingency plans and begin to monitor the storm through reliable channels such as the National Weather Service and trusted radio and television channels.
  • Examine your equipment, such as snow blowers and shovels, to ensure that it is ready and in good condition.  Make sure the necessary equipment is available and in good condition.  Make sure your employees are instructed and prepared to use the equipment safely.
  • Consider your snow removal strategy and be sure that removed snow will be placed away from emergency exits, walkways, and air intakes.
  • Prevent ice damming by ensuring proper ventilation and sealing openings.

During and Following A Winter Storm

  • Check the building for cracks or bends in the structure and bring in experts or engineers when warranted.
  • Clear downspouts and roof drains will help prevent the problems caused from melting snow and runoff.
  • “Ponding” occurs when snow compresses or absorbs rain and it can result in depressions that won’t drain.  Clear ponding to prevent damage from extra weight and water.
  • Removing snow from a roof or elevated area is very dangerous.  If snow blowers will be used, make sure that the blades are not damaging the roof cover; keep them raised to prevent damage.  Make sure removal personnel are properly instructed in safe techniques and be sure to secure the deposit area to keep it free of pedestrian and auto traffic.
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