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Crisis Assistance

High Limit Umbrella Liability Program:  Crisis Assistance Endorsement

A massive fire erupts from faulty wiring, ravaging a new apartment building owned by a real estate holding company.  Fire trucks and police immediately arrive on the scene.  Major newspapers and television networks send reporters and the media broadcasts tenants huddled outside in shock. Your company must respond to the crisis immediately.

Crisis Assistance coverage helps you deal with a situation like this that puts the financial integrity and reputation of your company on the line.  The automatic endorsement provides peace of mind and flexibility when you need it most – as a crisis unfolds.

How It Works:

  • Hire a pre-approved Crisis Assistance service provider.
  • The service provider helps you control the crisis and works with you throughout the process.
  • Provides funding for related expenses.


Higher Limits

  • $300,000 aggregate limit or 3% of each occurrence limit shown on the policy (whichever is less).


  • Crisis Assistance coverage is automatically included

Generous Duration of Coverage

  • A crisis event “begins on the date you notify the carrier and “ends” 180 days later or when the limit is exhausted (whichever is first).

Flexible Reporting

  • The carrier allows any named insured from your company to report a crisis event.

What Expenses Are Included?

Crisis Assistance expense provides reasonable and necessary expenses you may incur that are directly attributable to a crisis event:

  • Expenses to secure the scene of a crisis event.
  • Crisis Assistance service provider fees.
  • Funeral or related service expenses.
  • Psychological or grief counseling expenses.
  • Temporary living expenses.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Any other related expenses approved by the carrier.
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