High Limit Umbrella Liability Program

High Limit Umbrella Liability Program

Our High Limit Umbrella Liability Program provides up to $300 Million of broad umbrella liability coverage for real estate and hospitality risks.

We’re not just bigger.  We’re better.  Ask us about lead, mold, fungus and per location aggregates.  Bring us your mixed-use buildings and large schedules.  Contact us today to learn more about our long standing program and real estate expertise.

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Target Classes:  Commercial, Habitational, Hospitality and Multi-Use Schedules

Commercial Habitational Hospitality
Office Buildings Condos Hotels
Retail Coops Motels
Shopping Centers HOA’s Limited Service
Enclosed Malls Apartments Full Services
Strip Malls Garden Style Apartments
Light Industrial

Multiple Limit Options Up to $300 Million

Multiple limit options, including:  $25 Million, $100 Million, $200 Million and $300 Million

Program Highlights:

A++ lead carrier Crisis Assistance Endorsement
Admitted paper up to $250 Million Low minimum premiums
Mold / fungus grant on first $275 Million No lead exclusion
Broad and contemporary coverage No shared limits
Pollution exclusion for hostile fire and building equipment as well as other named perils
We can cover owner’s interest in specific construction projects subject to underwriting
We can consider mixed-use schedules on the same policy

We Can Schedule

Real estate E&O for real estate managers subject to underwriting
Not for profit D&O for condos / coops / HOA’s subject to underwriting
Auto, including passenger vans for hospitality risks

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