Primary General Liability Program

Primary General Liability Program

When it comes to Primary General Liability, you need a flexible program to solve the complex challenges of real estate risks.

Preferred Underwriting’s long standing general liability program can accommodate all types of real estate, including mixed-use properties. Your clients will like our first-dollar, guaranteed cost program and the peace of mind that comes from broad coverage, competitively priced.  Backed by reliable carriers and delivered by top notch underwriting service teams, our programs are second to none.  Contact us today to learn how our flexible underwriting can help you!

Target Classes:  Commercial, Habitational, Hospitality and Multi-Use Schedules

Commercial Habitational Hospitality
Office Buildings Condos Hotels
Retail Coops Motels
Shopping Centers HOA’s Limited Service
Enclosed Malls Apartments Full Services
Strip Malls Garden Apartments
Light Industrial


$1 Million / $2 Million (per location) / $1 Million

Program Highlights:

A++ XV admitted carrier Employee benefits liability
Per location aggregate Garage keeper’s liability
No shared limits Low minimum premiums
No mold, fungus or lead exclusion for qualified risks
Non owned and hired auto
Pollution exception for hostile fire and building heating equipment
We can consider mixed-use schedules on the same policy
We can cover owner’s interest in specific construction projects subject to underwriting

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