Real Estate Package Program

Real Estate Package Program

Preferred’s Real Estate Package Program is the perfect home for habitational real estate exposures. We combine Preferred’s top-notch underwriting with the financial stability of A and A++ rated carriers that deliver prompt fair claims settlements.

Target Classes:  Commercial, Habitational, and Multi-Use Schedules

Commercial Habitational
Office Buildings Condos
Garden Apartments

Package Coverage May Include:

Property Flood and Earthquake
General Liability Non Owned and Hired Auto
Crime Employee Benefits Liability
Equipment Breakdown Garage Keepers Liability
Ordinance or Law Can Include Per Location Aggregates
Non Owned and Hired Auto
No mold, fungus or lead exclusion for qualified risks

We Can Also Consider:

Classes: High Rises, All Construction Types

High Limits Available

Single Location:      $100 Million TIV or more

Multiple Locations:  $200 Million TIV or more