Real Estate Property

Real Estate Property Program

Preferred’s Real Estate Property Program is the perfect home for your real estate risks.  We combine top-notch underwriting service with the financial stability of A+ XV rated carrier known for prompt and fair claims settlements.  For us, broad coverage and low minimum premiums aren’t mutually exclusive.  That’s why our specialty program provides extensive coverage capabilities at competitive rates.

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Target Classes:  Commercial, Habitational, Hospitality, and Multi-Use Schedules

Commercial Habitational
Office Buildings Condos
Garden Apartments


All construction classes considered

High Limits Available

Single Location: $100 Million TIV or more

Multiple Locations:  $500 Million TIV or more

Program Highlights / Coverage May Include:

A+ XV admitted paper Boiler & Machinery
Multi-state schedules Competitive pricing
All quotes include terrorism Ordinance and Law
Low minimum premiums Flood
Low deductibles (as low as $5,000) Earthquake
Preferred Property enhancement endorsement available Crime


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